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Small Business

Small General Store Smallmap

Small Shop or Local store

Medium Business

Medium General Store Mediummap

Medium Sized Business such as a Dollar Store

Large Business

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Large Business such as Walmart or Industrial Operations


Residential No Solar

No Residential Solar noResSolar

Small Store No Solar

No Small Solar noResSolar

Medium Store No Solar

No Medium Solar noMediumSolar

Large Store No Solar

No Large Solar noLargeSolar

Residential with Solar

Residential Solar ResSolar

Small Store with Solar

Small Solar SmallSolar

Medium Store with Solar

Medium Solar MediumSolar

Large Store with Solar

Large Solar LargeSolar

Fixed Solar Panels

Fixed Solar Panel Fixedmap

Tracking Solar Panel

Tracking Solar Panel Trackingmap

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20% Recommended for San Juan County

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Disclaimer: FEUS's bill estimation tool should be used for informational purposes only. The amounts shown here are energy charges and estimated fuel adjustment only. They do not include taxes or other fees; therefore they do not match your total billed amounts each month. For solar systems, the calculator does not estimate surplus energy pricing. All figures provided by FEUS through this tool are only estimates. Estimates are subject to change and do not represent an offer or guarantee for future costs of service.